LunchPlus Your Scheduling Assistant

Invest your time at meetings, not scheduling them

How It Works


  1. Enter a pool of connections for lunches
  2. Select a handful of dates for meetings
  3. Select a restaurant
  4. Enjoy your one-on-one time with them

LunchPlus will:

  • Book multiple one-on-one meetings for you
  • Cycle through your candidates until we fill all your dates
  • Coordinate individual email invitations and acceptances
  • Allow your connections to respond easily
  • Create calendar invites for you

Why Use LunchPlus?

LunchPlus books multiple lunches for you. Yes, booking a lunch is not difficult... once you know who, where, what date, and when. But, tracking those down is the time-consuming part. With minimal occasional input from you, we manage who, where, what date, and when for you. Why else have you delayed keeping up with lunches?

Also consider:

  • 20% of business is done during lunch
  • Invest your time at lunches, not scheduling them
  • Every lunch strengthens key relationships
  • Yes, you can also use it for coffee or beer!

Plus: +

  • You know you need to get out and connect
  • It's your own personal assistant
  • LunchPlus is Free +

Never Eat Alone meets The 4-Hour Workweek meets Superconnect

{Still in Beta, so we appreciate your feedback!}