The Promptivate™ Story

In a galaxy far, far away....actually it was only in Austin...

A few individuals got together and decided there had to be a better way to connect. Way better.

We realized that building one’s personal and professional network had become increasingly difficult. Oh, it’s true finding new connections is simpler than ever with the advent of social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Heck, friending, following, linking have become a part of our lexicon.

So finding connections is easy, but managing those connections is anything but. It is particularly hard to develop them into anything more than just a connection. How do you convert those connections into strong relationships?
Promptivate was born out of our own frustration with trying to keep up with the people in our personal and professional networks. We longed to have better visibility into the important connections in our networks. We hoped to maintain those connections and develop and grow them into stronger relationships. The problem we set out to fix was how to make the process of connecting with others easier for ourselves. In achieving that, just maybe, we might make it easier for others (like you)!

It became clear. There had to be a better approach than finding someone on a social networking site or just shoving someone’s contact information into our contact database or address book. There had to be a better way to leverage that information about the important people in our lives into something more...something useful and productive.

Our goal was to develop a technology, process and methodology that anyone could use. Whether you are interested in getting more traction out of your networking efforts, hope to build better connections to your friends, co-workers or professional colleagues or simply enhance your company’s sales prospecting or client relationship building efforts, Promptivate is for you. Promptivate is a powerful set of tools that will work for just about any individual or organization. It’s fun to use, delivers useful results and seamlessly integrates into our fast-paced busy lives.

Our story is far from over and is actually still evolving. We hope you’ll come along for the ride and that you’ll agree we are in fact creating a better way to connect. With your continual feedback and support, way better will continue to be what we continually strive for and deliver.

Go Forth and Promptivate!

Steve, Drew, Eric and Adolpho